Australian Trends in Marketing With Promotional Items

Promotional items have taken off in a big way in Australia.  More than ever Aussie companies are seeing the benefit of having marketing merchandise branded with their logo.  Let us start with the obvious benefits:

1)  A gift in the form of a promotional item will last a lot longer than any T.V commercial or newspaper adverisment.

2)  Reciprocity.  A person (or company) that gives simply has a higher chance of being the recipient of return business.  ie. reciprocity.

3)  Good will and perception when you give a gift out will mean that you will be more remembered and more likely to have good things said about you.

4)  A branded product will enable not just the recipient to be exposed to your brand name at all times but also their immediate co-workers, friends or family

5)  A printed merchandise gift may be just the little bit extra to convince a potential customer to opt for your product or service

Australian companies and organisations have really understood this and it continuosly shows with our industry reaching record numbers in sales year after year.  Here are some key trends that we have noticed that will effect how you use promotional products in the future.

Promotional Product Trend #1 Cheaper Prices

Great News for you.  Promotional items are progressively getting lower in price.  If you were to buy 1000 ball point pens 5 years ago and decided to re-order them each year you would have noticed them getting cheaper.  At this point in time certain products are so low in cost they simply cannot get cheaper. 

Promotional Product Trend #2 Better Quality

Another good piece of news for you.  As production techniques and new technologies get introduced the quality is getting better everyday.  To produce a compendium 5 years ago would have been relatively good.  Today it is exceptional with tighter stitching and better quality materials.

Promotional Product Trend #3 Fast Turnaround

Faster turnaround times.  Our industry depends on you.  Therefore we adapt to your needs.  Our feedback over time has been that you need product quicker.  As a response our industry as a whole have taken on board more casual staff and more print machines with newer better technology.  This has meant that what used to be a typical 2-3 week turnaround time is now reduced to a typical 1.5-2 weeks.  Not only that our entire industry keeps machines free at all times to offer instant print on many different promotional products which further reduces lead time.

Trend #4 Eco Friendly Environmental Products

Unfortunately eco products never took off in Australia and looks like it never will.  This is one trend that unfortunately will be the case for the forseable short term future.  Part of the reason is that eco friendly products simply cost more for the same non eco version.  That and the fact that despite advances in production methods, an eco product will never have that smooth consistent bright funky colour look that a non environmental product will have means that many people preferred the non eco version of a product.

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