Sponsorships by Us

We pride ourselves as being part of the Australian community.  We want to be invovled with your event and if it is a charity then it is definitely something we want to hear about.  So please contact us to find out how we may assits your charity or fund raising event. 

In the past we have assisted various charities by:

-  Cash Donations
-  Product Donations
-  Discounts on Branded Merchandise

We provide donations in kind to Australian registered charities only and have quarterly donnations.  Please note that we do get weekly requests though and being a small company unfortunately we are not able to provide support for everybody that calls up (as much as we would like to).  However please please do not let that deter you.  If you have a worthy cause or perhaps would like a charity sales drive with branded merchandise to increase funding for your cause please give us a call today!

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