Buy Custom Branded First Aid Kits

Branded first aid kits are an essential item for every household, business or car owner. Although we all hope we'll never have to use our first aid kits, nothing beats having the reassurance that one is close by in case of a serious emergency. Promo Planet supplies a range of promotional first aid kits that contain quality bandages, hygienic wipes, scissors, splints, tweezers, and gauze. We have kits in sizes that range from small enough for handbags to sufficiently large for whole offices. Each kit comes custom printed with your promotional design so you can gift these items within your organisation, hand out to event attendees, or launch a health and safety giveaway.

Promotional Uses for Custom First Aid Sets

So you're interested in first aid kids as a marketing item, but you're not sure how to utilise them. Never fear, here are some suggestions that will make things a bit easier for you.

  • Mini Bandage Kits are perfect to give out in offices, schools or universities as promotional gifts
  • Mid-Sized First Aid Kits are ideal for use as Expo prizes for health or pharmaceutical events
  • Larger First Aid Kits are popular as premium draw prizes for insurance companies and community groups
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  1. All Safe Bandage Dispensers
    All Safe Bandage Dispensers
    Ask about getting this product made in your colour. Learn More
  2. Compact Promotional First Aid Kit
    Compact Promotional First Aid Kit
    Promote safety at home and at work. Learn More
  3. Emergency Blankets
    Emergency Blankets
    This blanket will be helpful in all emergency situation. Learn More
  4. Mini Pocket First Aid Kits
    Mini Pocket First Aid Kits
    Bulk purchase first aid kits branded logo Learn More
  5. Kids First Aid Kits
    Kids First Aid Kits
    Promotional first aid kit bulk order branded on case Learn More
  6. Plaster First Aid Kits
    Plaster First Aid Kits
    Amazing first aid kit for promo merchandise. Supplied with nice packaging for easy handout Learn More
  7. Pouch First Aid Kits
    Pouch First Aid Kits
    Handy first aid kits giveaway for tradeshow or conference. Bulk order only Learn More
  8. Travel First Aid Kits
    Travel First Aid Kits
    Promo first aid and emergency kit for company giveaway. Learn More
  9. Workplace First Aid Kit
    Workplace First Aid Kit
    Prepare for the unexpect, you will need this printed kit for a peace of mind. Learn More
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