Custom Printed Stickers for Sale

Aussies love stickers. In fact, we think the whole world would be better off with more stickers. Make stickers part and parcel of your marketing the next time you hold an event, sell a product or promote a service. Adults and children love them. Promo Planet is the place to buy your custom printed stickers as our product is simply the best value with the sharpest printing that money can buy.

Stickers as Low-Cost Promotional Items

Fun, compact, long lasting, easy to store and transport -- when it comes to promotions custom printed stickers have it all! Stickers make great additions to sample bags, they're fun gifts to go with purchases or small prizes or premiums. Because of their low cost, they're especially useful in short-duration campaigns. 

Indoor or Outdoor Stickers

When asking about our stickers, be sure to advise us if you require your sticker for outdoor or indoor use. There is a big difference when it comes to finishes. A sticker used outdoors requires more durability against the elements and typically cost a little more. Meanwhile, a sticker that is used indoors typically will have a sharper print. Pick the sticker that is right for you

Shipped Anywhere in Australia

We print our stickers in Australia and ship them anywhere in the country. Ask us for a quote on printing and transport.

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