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Stationery is one of our favourite categories of product.  The reason is that with each month there seems to be a new innovative product that is genuinely useful and is fun to use.  This is the category for you when you want something a little different and a little bit quirkey that is custom branded with your logo.  These stationery products are bound to attract a lot of positive attention.  With your logo printed onto them you know your brand exposure will always be positive.  To find out how good your logo can look like on these unique stationery products or buy them for your company please send us an enquiry and our sales team can take you through your options.

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  1. Promotional Fluro Erasers
    Promotional Fluro Erasers
    Brand your logo onto this product for amazing brand exposure. Learn More
  2. Cheap Promotional Erasers
    Cheap Promotional Erasers
    From $0.60
    Kids and adults will all love this product. Learn More
  3. Compact Card Magnifier
    Compact Card Magnifier
    From $1.13
    A smart little gift idea Learn More
  4. Permanent Logo Branded Markers
    Permanent Logo Branded Markers
    From $1.24
    Get yours printed with your logo today. Learn More
  5. Erasable Branded Markers
    Erasable Branded Markers
    From $1.40
    Awesome product that you will love. Learn More
  6. Micro Permanent Markers
    Micro Permanent Markers
    From $1.46
    Branded with your corporate logo these will look great. Learn More
  7. White Board and Marker Set
    White Board and Marker Set
    From $1.58
    Promotional items at a terrific price Learn More
  8. Letter Opener Oval
    Letter Opener Oval
    From $1.74
    Look at this product if you want to see value. Learn More
  9. Coloured Rubber bands 500 in Bag
    Coloured Rubber bands 500 in Bag
    From $1.90
    The hottest kids product today Learn More
  10. Event Printed Permanent Texta
    Event Printed Permanent Texta
    From $2.27
    The classic marker that doesn't budge. Learn More
  11. Whiteboard Marker Toxic Free
    Whiteboard Marker Toxic Free
    From $2.33
    Your recipient will love this promotional item. Learn More
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