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At PromoPlanet, we are the experts when it comes to personalised sticky notepaper. We print sticky notes right here in Australia and deliver them to your door -- all in just two weeks or less.

What are Promotional Sticky Notes?

Sticky notes are one of the most useful tools in the modern office. Able to adhere to most surfaces but tear away clean, they are used to

  • Annotate important documents
  • Temporarily caption photographs
  • Set reminders on highly visible surfaces
  • Mark the part of a document that requires attention or a signature
  • Flag necessary edits
  • Doodle

And many more important things in the office. Promotional sticky notes do all of these things, and also have your organisational logo, slogan or other branding artwork printed on them.

Where can our Custom Sticky Notes be Delivered?

PromoPlanet can deliver to any street address in Australia. We are not able to deliver internationally, and because our couriers will need a signature, we cannot deliver to Post Office Boxes or similar. We deliver to all Australian states and territories – ACT, NSW, NT, QLD, SA, TAS, VIC or WA.

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  1. Custom Bookmark Ruler and tabs
    Custom Bookmark Ruler and tabs
    Brand your logo onto this product for amazing brand exposure. Learn More
  2. Circle Bookmark Ruler with Noteflags
    Circle Bookmark Ruler with Noteflags
    Ask us for a free virtual mock up of this product with your logo. Learn More
  3. House Bookmark Ruler with Noteflags
    House Bookmark Ruler with Noteflags
    Great quality at an everyday low price. Learn More
  4. Car Bookmark Ruler with Noteflags
    Car Bookmark Ruler with Noteflags
    Always a great choice when you need a promotional item that will brand your logo clearly. Learn More
  5. Printed Sticky Notes 7x7.5cm
    Printed Sticky Notes 7x7.5cm
    Sticky notes with your logo. Simple & effective promotional marketing. Learn More
  6. Promotional Sticky Notes 10x7cm
    Promotional Sticky Notes 10x7cm
    Printed sticky notes in a very practical and economical size. If you want one that Learn More
  7. Printed Sticky Notes 7.5x7.5cm
    Printed Sticky Notes 7.5x7.5cm
    The most popular printed post it notes personalised with your branding. Learn More
  8. Custom Sticky Notes 10x7.5cm
    Custom Sticky Notes 10x7.5cm
    The 2nd most popular style of promotional sticky note. Made in Australia Learn More
  9. Sticky Notes 10x10cm
    Sticky Notes 10x10cm
    Perfect square shaped sticky notes amazing value and Australian made Learn More
  10. Promotional Sticky Notes 15x7cm
    Promotional Sticky Notes 15x7cm
    Large rectangle printable stickynotes. Your choice of landscape or portrait orientation Learn More
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 How should Branding Artwork be Sent to PromoPlanet?

The file with your logo should be formatted as vectorised PDF or EPS. We can also accept a JPEG image, so long as it is in an acceptably high resolution. Once we have received this image, we can get to work creating a high-quality digital mock-up, showing exactly what your finished sticky notepads will look like, so you can correct any difficulties before the printing process begins.

What is the Timeframe for Receiving my Printed Sticky Notes?

We advise a turnaround time of two weeks from your approval of the artwork to delivery. Express delivery is available, but only to selected areas. Please ask our sales staff for details.

Emblazoned Sticky Notes as a Promotional Tool

The next time your organisation is presenting at a conference or trade show, why not use sticky notes as a promotional giveaway? Sticky notes have a low unit cost, but a high uptake level. They are highly visible, thus keeping your logo where it will be seen. Hand them out to potential customers or slip a couple into prize bags.

Customised Sticky Notes as Office Stationery

With your organisation’s brand on them, sticky notes can be used throughout your organisation. In this way, they work like unbranded sticky notes but with the constant reminder of your organisation and what it stands for, encouraging office cohesion and cooperation.

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