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Promotional microfibre cleaning cloths are the ideal product for marketing your brand in this era of modern tech. Micro fiber cloths are the perfect accessories for cleaning smartphones, tablets, computer monitors, televisions, motor vehicles, glasses, and sunglasses. Each cloth is made from premium fine microfibre material that allows for flawless cleaning every time. We manufacture our cloths in Australia as well as Korea so you know you're getting high-quality products when you order from Promo Planet. We decorate each cloth with your full colour design such as a logo or photograph. Use these cloths as spectacular trade show items, giveaway goodies, marketing gifts, or simply as a "thank you" to your customers.

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  1. Promotional Cheap Phonewipes
    Promotional Cheap Phonewipes
    Made to order budget promotional micro fibre wipes. Learn More
  2. Custom Printed Phonewipes Envelope
    Custom Printed Phonewipes Envelope
    Premium cleaning wipe featuring your logo. Learn More
  3. Personalised Phonewipes in Container
    Personalised Phonewipes in Container
    Premium soft cloth stored in stylish container. Learn More
  4. Printed Phonewipes in Matchbook
    Printed Phonewipes in Matchbook
    Micro fibre cloths attractively stored in matchbooks. Learn More
  5. Branded Phonewipes in a Wallet
    Branded Phonewipes in a Wallet
    High quality customisable phone cleaner in PVC wallet. Learn More
  6. Branded Microfibre Lens Cloths
    Branded Microfibre Lens Cloths
    Ask us for a free virtual mock up of this product with your logo. Learn More
  7. Pocket Branded Lens Cloth
    Pocket Branded Lens Cloth
    Use these for events or as a fund raising product. Learn More
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