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Classics are classics for a reason, and simple promotional items like stickers and bookmarks never go out of style. Promo Planet boasts a large range of different sticker styles and sizes as well as various bookmark designs. All stickers and bookmarks are ready to be personalised with your unique graphics. We brand your design directly onto the surface of these products using a pad or digital print.

Marketing Uses For Printed Products

Small in size but big on brand-boosting, stickers and bookmarks make fantastic goody bag fillers and are an excellent choice when you need a cheap product that hits the mark. These items are popular with schools, universities, big and small businesses, community organisations, major expos, and government institutes. Put them in a show bag, hand them out to attendees, stick them to other promotional items, or include tucked into programmes - the uses are endless! To see how good your sticker or book mark can look, please check out our range below and to buy them with your corporate or organisations branding please contact us for a quote.

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  1. Vinyl Sticker Squares 7.5cm
    Vinyl Sticker Squares 7.5cm
    Amazing product for the low price. Learn More
  2. Vinyl Bumper Stickers Small
    Vinyl Bumper Stickers Small
    Ask about the different colours available in this product. Learn More
  3. Vinyl Bumper Stickers Big
    Vinyl Bumper Stickers Big
    Look no further if you need a quality product at a low price. Learn More
  4. Large Printed Bumper Sticker 7.5x21cm
    Large Printed Bumper Sticker 7.5x21cm
    Make these memorable bt branding your logo. Learn More
  5. Magnet and Bookmark
    Magnet and Bookmark
    Kids and adults will love this. Learn More
  6. Printed Door Hangers
    Printed Door Hangers
    Make these memorable bt branding your logo. Learn More
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10 Items

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