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We offer packets of mints branded with your logo. Mints are a popular confectionery at events and meetings because of their appealing taste and the freshness they leave on your breath. Promo Planet is proud to supply a range of delicious mints that will provide your recipients with a breath of fresh air! Your logo printed on the packet and jar will leave your customers with a good taste in their mouth.

Customised Mints for Growing your Brand

Packets of mints branded with your logo make wonderful promotional handouts, whether in conference or trade show settings or as economical prizes to retail or wholesale customers. We have a variety of different mints to suit different palates including traditional options such as:

  • Spear Mints
  • Pepper Mints
  • Dynamo Mints

Mints in Corporate Decorated Packages

Regardless of your event's theme, you'll find a pack of mints to suit your needs. We brand each unit using either direct pad printing (for single colours) or a CMYK printed label adhered to the product (for multi-colour designs). Either way, your recipients will be delighted by the flavour of the mints and the style of your associated packaging.  For more information on our range of custom branded mint cards or mint packs, please contact our friendly team.

Promotional Mints Delivered Across Australia

Not only do we brand your mints in a fast two-week turnaround, we deliver to your door wherever you are in Australia. Call us now for a free quote!

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  1. Conference Pocket Egg Mints
    Conference Pocket Egg Mints
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  2. Square Expo Sized Breath Mints
    Square Expo Sized Breath Mints
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  3. Expo Mint Shot Candy
    Expo Mint Shot Candy
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  4. Printable Rugby Card Mint
    Printable Rugby Card Mint
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  5. Pocket Branded Mint Packs
    Pocket Branded Mint Packs
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  6. Promotional Mint Bags
    Promotional Mint Bags
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  7. Tradeshow Strong Mint Bags
    Tradeshow Strong Mint Bags
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  8. 3d Cube Custom Mints
    3d Cube Custom Mints
    Ask us for a free virtual mock up of this product with your logo. Learn More
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