Promotional Products That Work for Fundraising

Events which are aimed to raise funds usually attract much attention. Such events create the perfect opportunity to promote your services and products. Of course, you need to be subtle about it in order not to draw too much attention to the event’s campaign or advocacy. When it comes to discreet yet effective advertising, you can rely on promotional products.

If this is your first time to take advantage of a fundraising activity to promote your brand, you will be relieved to know you have a lot of personalised products to choose from. As always, you need to check the appropriateness of the merchandise with the cause or attendees. To make it easy for you to make a choice, here are among the favourite fundraising promotional items:

Top Favourite Fund Raising Items

School Fundraisers: since you can expect these events to be brimming with parents, teachers and students, you have to choose a promo item which appeal to all such as custom pens, cow bells,  recycled notebooks and even USB drives. You can pick products matching school colours to boost school pride and spirit.
Church or Religion: if you plan on promoting your brand to church-led fundraisers, you can always consider handing out practical items such as water bottles, lanyards, silicon wristbands and reusable bags. Items which are white or light coloured are sure to fit in with these events.
Walkathons, Marathons and Relays: these fundraising events draw a huge crowd especially with sports-minded individuals and the perfect promo merchandise for participants and attendees include water pouches, hats, umbrellas, towels and even sunscreens. You can even have sweat bands, t-shirts and other apparel personalised with your brand for maximum exposure.
Sports: friendly games which are meant to raise funds for a particular cause offers a wealth of opportunities for companies looking to boost brand recognition. You can hand out fun stuff such as printed stress balls, sports bags, key rings and stubby coolers.
Medical research and diseases: these fundraisers are also popular and it is common to see promotional items like branded pens, medical nurse watches, sticky notes and clothing apparel with catch phrases or slogans related to the cause.

Don't Forget

When promoting your brand during fundraising events, always try to relate your promotional items to the cause or advocacy. The product should not only be deemed as appropriate but practical as well. Consider what participants or attendees will need and make an effort to do a bit of research about the cause.
If you are sponsoring the fundraising event, make sure you have more than enough personalised souvenir items to distribute. You can also choose something special for major sponsors to show your appreciation.
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