Buy Custom Branded Hospitality Clothing

Your company's brand on quality hospitality uniforms. The hospitality business is a competitive one, in which every promotional advantage counts. With this in mind, we offer this range of promotional workwear designed specifically for the needs of the high-pressure hospitality industry. With a range of styles, you can have all of your staff looking good and staying on-brand in the kitchen and on the dining floor.

Promotional Uniforms for Kitchen and Service Staff

We have a large range of options for your restaurant, cafe, hotel, bar, or brasserie, including uniform apparel for:

  • Chefs
  • Kitchenhands
  • Waitstaff
  • Barstaff
These include branded jackets, vests, pants, scarves, hats and more. Check out our range to find the style that suits you.
Decoration Possibilities for Personalised Hospitality Gear

We will print or embroider your logo other branded artwork onto these garments. This can range from a discretely embroidered patch to a large full colour printed image. Pick the style that suits your venue, so your staff will look smart and your customers will never forget your brand.

We Deliver Budget Hospitality Gear

We stock our products locally and brand in Australia, for a rapid two-week turnaround on production and delivery. And since we deliver to city and country regions right across Australia, you can have your new staff uniforms -- fast.

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  1. Chefs Custom Scarf
    Chefs Custom Scarf
    From $5.80
    Garnish to finish Learn More
  2. Bow Tie
    Bow Tie
    From $6.22
    Served to perfection Learn More
  3. Food Preperation Hats
    Food Preperation Hats
    From $8.80
    Prepared right Learn More
  4. Chefs Custom Caps
    Chefs Custom Caps
    From $9.22
    Garnish to finish Learn More
  5. Ladies Chef Polo Shirts
    Ladies Chef Polo Shirts
    From $16.08
    From prep to service Learn More
  6. Chef Polo Shirts
    Chef Polo Shirts
    From $17.81
    From prep to service Learn More
  7. Chefs Velco Hat
    Chefs Velco Hat
    From $24.24
    Top it off Learn More
  8. Ladies Hospitality Shirts
    Ladies Hospitality Shirts
    From $25.44
    Service with a smile Learn More
  9. Striped Chef Pants
    Striped Chef Pants
    From $28.87
    Prime cuts Learn More
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Items 1-12 of 20

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