1. Should I Buy Metal or Plastic Promotional Pens?

    Should I Buy Metal or Plastic Promotional Pens?

    The importance of having the right pen is something that is widely overlooked until you get given a pen that just doesn’t compare and feels wrong to use. If you want to find out all the little details and which promotional pen suits you then read on.

    Promotional Plastic Pens

    Plastic promotional pens are, of course, the cheaper option so are great for people who have a tight budget. But don’t be put off and believe they are plain and simple because of this! You can customise them in many ways including pad printing, screen printing and full-colour digital print making them eye-catching and exciting. These pens are lightweight and come in a variety of colours making them perfect for your next business event. Our Coloured Parky Pens are a great example of promotional plastic pens.

    Logo Branded Metal Pens

    You then have the option of metal promotional pens. Due to them being made of a higher quality material they are obviously more expensive. However, spending that extra bit of money really can be worth it! Metal pens are often more reused as they look incredibly pleasing to the eye making them great promotional gifts. They are a brilliant way to promote your business without having to do much more than offering them to your clients. You can pad print these pens, like the plastic pens, but you are also able to have them laser engraved which achieves a classier premium finish. Our Martin Premium Metal Pens are a brilliant example of customised metal pens.

    Have you picked a favourite? Whether you’re after premium corporate pens or expo items, the friendly team at Promo Planet can assist you. Contact our sales team for more information on pen decoration and delivery options.

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  2. Promotional Stubby Coolers - One Colour vs. Full Colour

    Promotional Stubby Coolers - One Colour vs. Full Colour

    Are you struggling to decide on how to brand your promotional stubby holders? Hopefully this helps you decide as we offer different types of branding to suit everyone’s needs.

    Single Colour Printing

    Your first, lower costing, option is to have your logo pad printed or screen printed in a single colour. If you have a tight budget but still want an effective and eye-catching stubby then this is what you’re after! Sometimes keeping it classy and simple is the best way to grasp people’s attention. Our Cheap Printed Stubby Coolers are a perfect example of this type of branding.

    Full-Colour Branding

    Your other option is to go all out with a full colour print. This is extremely popular however more expensive. This type of branding enables you to fully customise your stubby holder therefore, showcasing your corporate image. Our Stubbies Full Colour Printed are brilliant example of this form of branding.

    Whether you want to go for something simple yet effective or a striking design we are sure to meet your requirements. Contact our sales team today for more information on custom branded drink holders.

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  3. Non-Woven vs. Cotton Calico Bags

    Non-Woven vs. Cotton Calico Bags

    Both of these bags are extremely popular and for many reasons but which side will you take?

    Promotional cotton calico bags are firstly naturally grown and biodegradable which of course is a huge bonus! They are durable, lightweight, washable and have a large branding area. What more could you want from a promotional bag? Honestly, this bag suits everyone’s needs from a business perspective and the receiving client’s viewpoint. They are tremendously useful as you can carry practically anything in them making them a huge marketing opportunity as your brand will be seen in a wide variety of places. These are available in a variety of sizes with the natural cotton colour or pre-dyed fabric, so they don’t have to be plain and boring like you may think!

    Now for non-woven promotional bags, these are unfortunately not biodegradable as they are made from fabric that is derived from plastic, but this does have a bonus! It makes them more rigid than the cotton calico bags, therefore, making them more popular for business use as they retain their shape and consequently appear smarter. Although these bags are not biodegradable do not be fooled, they are still environmentally friendly as they are always reused reducing the amount of standard plastic bags that are in circulation. Unlike the cotton calico bags, our non-woven bags are available in a wide range of colours and come in a variety of sizes.

    Picked a favourite? No matter which style of bag you're after for your next event, the friendly team at Promo Planet can assist you. Contact our sales team for more information on bag decoration and delivery options.

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  4. Differences Between Plastic Drink Bottles

    Differences Between Plastic Drink Bottles

    Have you ever looked at plastic bottles and wondered what makes them different to one another? To many peoples’ surprise there are a lot of differences which makes them a promotional item that can be tricky to decide on.

    Firstly, there are polycarbonate bottles which are made from a clear and extremely strong plastic. These are more long lasting and durable therefore making them a popular option all round. You can get these in a range of sizes, colours and with different lid options. The Translucent Premium Bottle is a perfect example of this type of plastic bottle and look amazing when customised.

    Then there are our soft squeezy bottles which are solid in colour and made from a softer plastic enabling you to squeezy the liquid out. Again, like the polycarbonate bottles, you can get these in a range of sizes and colours as well as different lid options. Our Promotional Sports Drink Bottles 500ml are a great example of this type of bottle. This type of promotional plastic bottle is ideal for schools, colleges and sporting events as they are very lightweight. They are also more appealing to people who have a lower end budget making them extremely popular.

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  5. What's a Promotional Trucker Cap

    What's a Promotional Trucker Cap

    A trucker cap features a breathable mesh material around the side and back of the cap. This mesh enables the headwear to breath easily allowing for a cool, comfortable hat for your head. The mesh also creates a unique look to the cap, as the mesh provides the hat with a round shape structure as well as a unique colour tone when worn.

    In all other aspects, the cap has the same features as a regular baseball cap, including a front peak and a forehead panel.

    Personalised Trucker Caps

    Our promotional trucker caps have a large branding space on the forehead for your logo or graphic. The sides and the rear of the cap cannot be custom branded though.

    Branding Options

    A trucker cap is personalised with your graphics or logos using,

    • Embroidered Trucker Caps - We use needles and thread to stitch your graphics directly onto the cap.
    • Screen printing on Trucker Caps - We create a blocking stencil to transfer ink to the surface of your cap in your desired solid colour design.
    • Digital Transfers for Trucker Caps - We print your multi-colour design onto transfer paper using a digital print machine before heat pressing the full artwork onto the trucker cap.

    We can also decorate on certain styles of trucker caps using full-colour sublimation printing and custom badges. Ask our friendly sales staff for more information on these techniques.

    Who Buys Promotional Trucker Caps?

    Because trucker caps are lightweight and durable with a large branding area, they are extremely popular purchases for large-scale expo or outdoor sporting events. Whether you'd like to give your staff or team headwear as part of a uniform, or if you want to catch the attention of your client base with great giveaway caps then our range of trucker hats may be just what you need.

    Buy in Bulk and Save

    We keep our trucker caps stocked locally and abroad to meet different time frames and cost requirements. Contact our team today for more information on ordering personalised trucker hats in bulk today.

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  6. Why Buy our Custom Lanyards?

    May you need lanyards for an event or daily use around the office or at work? Then you must purchase lanyards from Promoplanet for one simple reason!

    Lanyards with a Safety Breakaway

    The reason, why you must buy lanyards from us, is because our lanyards feature a safety breakaway. What is a Safety breakaway you may ask? Well, it is a small item that measures around 1.5 centimetres long and wide. This device cuts and intersects a lanyard and effectively acts as a bridge on the lanyard. When excessive force is applied to any length of the lanyard, this breakaway will cleanly snap into two pieces. When snapped into two pieces, the breakaway may easily be re-assembled so you can re-use the lanyard.

    The safety breakaway, therefore acts as a safety device, to prevent choking or strangulation by the lanyard around a wearers neck.

    custom lanyards

    Why Need it for a Custom Lanyard?

    Many government departments around Australia require a safety breakaway. As part of a new set of rules and regulations around safety at the workplace and events having a breakaway on a custom lanyard is essential.

    All lanyards provided by Promoplanet now come with a free safety breakaway. Can you afford not to purchase your lanyard from Promoplanet?

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  7. Promotional Umbrellas with a Hook

    Promotional Umbrellas with a Hook

    Promotional umbrellas have to be one of the hottest categories of products for corporate gifts. A quality umbrella is known to the user the moment it is held. A hooked handle umbrella has many advantages over regular umbrellas. If you are considering purchasing a company umbrella branded with your logo, then please read on.

    Why Choose a Hooked Umbrella

    An umbrella is preferable to a regular umbrella for a few reasons.

    • Reason No.1: A hook umbrella looks spectacular. It provides a user with a classic retro look which is terrifically appealing. Your logo and branding will benefit from this.
    • Reason No.2: Having a hook on the end of an umbrella makes it more comfortable to hold and more ergonomic. When it is raining, the person using a hook umbrella will be thankful.
    • Reason No.3: An umbrella with a hook makes it more convenient when catching public transport, as one can just use the hook on railings and other general objects, to save you the effort of needing to hold onto it.

    When considering purchasing a promotional umbrella, you need to think about these advantages associated with hooked umbrellas. For advice on what type of umbrella, works best for you, give us a call.... Your Friendly Promotional Products expert!

    Check out our complete range of Promotional Umbrellas here.

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  8. Recycling Printed Superbowl Championship Shirts

    Recycling Printed Superbowl Championship Shirts

    The problem with printing t-shirts for the Super Bowl or any other championship game is that you can't predict the winner! For licensed manufacturers to have promotional t-shirts ready for Superbowl Sunday, they need to print a run featuring both teams as "winners" just in case. Obviously, this year with the Philadelphia Eagles winning their first Super Bowl, there's going to be a lot of New England Patriot championship t-shirts left over and in need of a home.

    The good news is that there are organisations such as Good360 and other international charities dedicated to scooping up all these logo-emblazoned shirts and giving them to people overseas in dire need of clothing. Rather than having all manner of t-shirts, hoodies, jumpers, and hats go to waste simply because of the design printed on them, these charities can distribute tens of thousands of items every year to impoverished countries.

    In the past, most of these shirts considered unsellable in the US have gone to people devastated by natural disasters (such as post-quake Haiti). So while it's unfortunate that only half the t-shirts produced for these big sporting events tend to get sold because of the print, we can take heart in the fact that no shirt will go to waste and perhaps somewhere in the world, someone will be wearing a shirt emblazoned with a 2018 Patriot win.


    First spotted here:

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  9. Promotional Sunscreen

    Promotional Sunscreen

    We love our summers here in Australia and we love the great outdoors... but we also have the highest incidence of skin cancer in the world. So it is essential we protect ourselves from the harmful effects of the sun. Health professionals agree that sunscreen is an essential part of any sun safe protocol. For the promotional industry, this presents the perfect opportunity to offer a product that sends all the right messages:
    •    we are informed
    •    we understand
    •    we are forward looking
    •    we care
    •    we take action and...
    •    we put our money where our mouth is!
    And when you ARE thinking promotional sunscreen, look no further than...

    Cubic Promote Outdoorplus SF50+ SUNSCREEN

    •    it is 100% Australian Made!
    •    it is TGA approved!
    •    it is tested SPF50+ sun protection!
    •    we carry good stock levels
    •    we offer a superior in-house print service and...
    •    super competitive pricing on product and printing!
    Don't trust anything less than Cubic Promote's TGA approved, Australian Made, SPF50+ Sunscreen with your logo or brand!

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  10. Promotional Polo Shirts in PMS Colour of the Year

    Promotional Polo Shirts in PMS Colour of the Year

    One of the great things about promotional polo shirts is that they are available in all manner of colours and styles. This year we're happy to note that our range of available shirts now includes men's and women's branded polo tees in the PMS colour of the year, Ultra Violet.

    What makes Ultra Violet such an exciting colour to have is that it's the latest in a long line of Pantone colours drawn from current world printing themes and trends. Ultra Violet is designed to be innovative, uplifting, and creative - with the colour heavily inspired by artists such as Prince, David Bowie, and Jimi Hendrix.

    Pantone Ultra Violet Colour

    If you're looking to make your staff uniforms or expo outfits really pop, then grab your polo shirts in an authentic PMS 18-3838 shade! We recommend branding your shirts using either full-colour embroidery of your corporate logo, or a nice one colour screen print (in white or a similar light shade to really contrast with the purple). Contact our friendly sales team to find out more about colour matched shirts for your next promotional event.

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