Australian Made Promotional Items

Being an Australian company means we are naturally drawn towards products that are made right here in the land of Oz.  It is not simply because of the fact that we like to support our own manufacturing but also because the products that we stock are just so high in quality that we simply prefer to stock.  That and the fact that by selling promotional items that are made in Australia means that there is a lower transportation cost.  This in turn makes it a lot more environmentally friendly to deliver a product made in Australia to you.

Of all the products we sell on our website it is sometimes difficult to determine if it is indeed made in Australia.  It is also difficult to also determine if any given product has an Australian made equivalent.  If that is the case please email or call us and our friendly team would be able to advise you. 

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As a short list for those who are interested these are the products and services that we offer that are produced right here in Australia. 

Services for Promotional Items Done in Australia

-  Pad printing for branding on stocked products
-  Screen printing for branding on stocked products
-  Laser engraving on stocked products
-  Embroidery on caps and shirts
-  Digital transfer print on stocked products
-  Graphic design services

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Products that are Manufactured and Designed in Australia

-  Printed Water Bottles
-  Promotional Mousepads
-  Frisbees
-  Magnets
-  Chocolates

Cartons and boxes

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